Sunday, August 28, 2005

The flights are booked!

Unfortunately work commitments mean I can only travel for two and a half weeks although I would love to travel round South East Asia for for longer, perhaps one day.

Purchased a return ticket to Bangkok from Manchester without much idea of where I will go? Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar? I guess with such a short time I should really come up with some basic plan of where to aim for . I do not want it to be a mad dash but leave a few days for relaxing, perhaps two or three places would be best in 18 days. Anyway I will have a think over the next day or two and come up with a plan that I will probably never keep to anyway.

I disgress, not sure I have got the best deal but flights were booked with Travelsupermarket from the UK and came in at £424. I dont think this is a bad price for late November as this is the shoulder of the high season in Soth East Asia. I didn't really hunt around much nor chose an airline just took the cheapest. Lasts years jaunt to Thailand involved a fair bit of research into best airlines/value etc using Startrax. However although Qatar has a five star rating only one leg had Video-on-Demand and that didn't work on the return leg and the service was poor


Wed 23-Nov-05 Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Flight: KL1082
Departure: Manchester Int'l - Manchester Time: 12:40 Terminal: 2
Arrival: Schiphol - Amsterdam Time: 15:10

Wed 23-Nov-05 Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Flight: KL877
Departure: Schiphol - Amsterdam Time: 19:40
Thu 24-Nov-05 Arrival: Bangkok Int'l - Bangkok Time: 12:20


Thu 08-Dec-05 Airline: Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Flight: KL878
Departure: Bangkok Int'l - Bangkok Time: 23:30 Terminal: 2
Fri 09-Dec-05 Arrival: Schiphol - Amsterdam Time: 05:35

Fri 09-Dec-05Airline: Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Flight: KL1075
Departure: Schiphol - Amsterdam Time: 09:20
Fri 09-Dec-05 Arrival: Manchester Int'l - Manchester Time: 09:40

I hope this is not my plane.

Will get immersed in the Rough Guides to Laos and Cambodia and see what comes out. Will also have a good look at Travelfish and excellent resource for planning a trip in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia