Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bia Lao

Bia Lao with 5% volume of alcohol is distributed to every part of the country and has a 98% market share. Bottled since 1973 on the outskirts of Vientiane by the Lao Brewery Co., is an arrestingly crisp brew. There's no stinting on quality: Bia Lao is made from Pilsen malt imported from France, Hallertauer Magnum hops and dry yeast from Germany, and local rice and springwater.
These are some of factors that have propelled Bia Lao to the top of Asia's beer league. It is said wherever you are in the world, one sip of Bia Lao and you are instantly transported to a riverside bistro in Vientiane. The long lunches, the French-colonial streets, the wats and murmuring monks or memories of your head down a toilet: it all comes back with exquisite precision.

Breaking News!

Lao Brewing Co, announced on the 29th September the launch of three new products, including Carlsberg brewed in Laos under license and two new forms of Beerlao – a dark and a light beer. Carlsberg will be on sale in the first week of October, the two other beers will hit retail outlets in the middle of October

The price of the new beers is based on their alcoholic content. The dark beer has an alcohol volume of 6.5 percent while the light beer has a much lower alcohol content of 2.9 percent.

Link to full Vientiane Times article

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