Monday, September 05, 2005

Houayxai to Chiang Khong

The plan is to cross over the Laos-Thai border at Houayxai as soon as the slow boat docks and, depending on time, either get a bus straight to Chiang Rai or stay overnight in Chiang Khong.

Accommodation options in Chiang Khong are Baan Rim Ta Ling Guesthouse and Homestay or the Chiang Khong River View Inn.

I need to be back in Bangkok on the 7th December. However it is the kings birthday on the 5th December and I am not sure what the transport situation is going to be like as its a Public Holiday

I may fly from Chiang Rai to BKK with Air Asia.

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Romeo Jensen said...

hey that's a really cool way to do a photo album. fantastic pics too!