Saturday, November 26, 2005

Into Laos

Well it was really simple really.

Hired a bike yesterday morning for 28 baht and had a little peddle west of Nong Khai past the Friendship Bridge out into the countryside. Boy oh boy it was hot. I have not lost the ability to ride a bike but breathing at the same time is not easy. The paddies were green and the little stops for Chang refreshing.

Got back to Mutmee for lunch and had Tom Yam and more Chang.

Headed out east in the afternoon to the Sculpture Park about a half hour ride. All sorts of statues Buddah, Ganesh you name it he modelled it.

Back to Nong Khai and Mutmee for prawn curry and rice.

is little cheese in Thailand Gromit.

Attempted the evening cruise along the Mekong but not enough takers (10 minimum) so had to drink some Sang Som, fortinately some people fro Burnley helped me finish the bottle..

Early to bed and actually learned how to work the IPod speaker system I bought whilst bored in Manchester airport.

Getting to Laos

Chicken Soup and Rice up at corner place - 35 baht. Tuk Tuk to bus station 40 baht. Get on bus 10 baht, get off bus. Immigration stamping thing. Get on bus 10 baht (groundhog day) get off bus. Fill in form and have 30 dollars ready plus one extra because its a Saturday. Hand all in at IN window (you open window they wont, stare as much as you want) They will then shut window. Move two meters to right to OUT window. Wait until window opened and your name (Mr Ben) is called. Get in big queue. Receive lots of stamps in passport and proceed to Laos.

Head left and drink Beer Laos.

Taxi to Mali Namphu GH. 100 baht. Did you confirm your reservation Sir? Go nextdoor and check in to different place. It's one think I hate about Asia, everyone assumes you won't show.

Lazy lunch. Now get this. Broccolli Soup, baguette, pork steak in red wine jus with real chips made of proper potatoes, mustard, camenbert, coffee and red wine for 7 US dollars.

Going to hire a bike now!

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