Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Out of planning into real time - two weeks to go!

Panic! Hair too long! Not enough time!

Two weekends to go. Next weekend off to
Center Parcs in Cumbria with about six kids and eight adults. That does Friday midday to Monday midday in. Archery and the Green Room?

Still need to buy trousers and a couple of shirts. At work all week trying to find sites in Liverpool to re-cycle other peoples rubbish.

Hair cut Wednesday?

Match on Saturday - Portsmouth at Anfield.

Need to buy wall tiles, flooring and lights for bathroom. Marc doing bathroom whilst away. Sunday ?
Wash clothes.

Pack - what?

I have always loved this. Nearly as much as
Chanchao's driving guide to Thailand

"Dear Fellow Travellers...

Something tells me I'll catch some flack for this, but after making fifteen trips to Asia in as many years,this is my packing checklist. Yes, it's a lot of stuff. Yes, I travel "heavy". Yes, I'm TOTALLY self sufficient, and prepared for ANY kind of travel situation! I never bring all of these things, but I always bring most of them, especially the lighter items. I figure: if it's small and doesn't weigh much, what the heck --- I might as well bring it since I'm taking all that other junk anyway.

Wash up and Medical: Shaving cream, razor, extra blades, deoderant, hand soap, washcloth, headband, shampoo, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpicks, floss, vitamins, aspirin, cold pills, Sudafed, nasal spray, swimmer’s ear drops, eyedrops, eyemask, Melatonin nail clipper, tweezers, Q-tips, condoms, etc. Imodium bandages, Neosporin sunscreen, lip balm, mosquito repellent, insect sting reliever, small padlock, tie-wraps, drain stopper (for sinks and bathtubs without one!)

Miscellaneous: Daypack, umbrella, compass (OK, you’re walking in Bangkok and the sign says Ratchadamri Road, but which direction are you going?) Nylon cord, adhesive/sealing tape (Always gets used up), ziplock bags, big plastic bags, knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks (option), Swiss army knife, mini scissors, flashlight with extra batteries, bulbs, 2 or 3 lighters, candles laundry soap, vegetable scrubber (for scrubbing clothes & cleaning shoes!), toilet paper, bath towel, loufa (it weighs nothing and will scrape away that ground in backpacker dirt!), mosquito net (option), inflatable pillow (option), sleeping sheet (option), (a bedsheet sewn up like a sleeping bag; good for warm climates and good when your guesthouse bed is grungy!), immersion heater, camping pot (option), instant food, snack foods (option), particle mask (for walking in Bangkok!)

Reading/Writing: Zipper envelope with pens, pencils, envelopes, paper mini world atlas, address book, visa photos, extra business/personal cards

Books: Reading books, guidebooks, local maps, songbook

Gifts/Show & Tell: Little presents, photos of self, home, family, etc. postcards, old stamps (a cheap bagful from a collector's shop --- light, cheap educational gift for kids!)

Valuables and carry on: Passport, traveler’s checks (with seperate list of numbers), ATM card, credit cards, personal checks, visa photos, money belt (to wear INSIDE your clothing), cash & local currency , plane tickets, sunglasses (worn at “night” to help beat jet lag on the plane), glasses cas, ear plugs, eye mask, Melatonin (in carry on bag)

Clothes: Nylon pants (great for travelling!), other pants, jeans (option) (not great for travelling), 3-5 prs underwear, 3-5 prs socks, 1-2 pr shorts, 1 swimsuit, 2 T-shirts, 2 good shirts, 1 pr good shoes (option), sports sandals (better than cheap Asian “flip flops”, which are named that because they have no traction --- wear them to the outside toilet at night and when you step into the first puddle, you’ll flip flop right onto your ass!)

Other medical items: (all optional). Flagyl (in case of dysentary), Antibiotics, Dettol, etc. (for first aid; this stuff will kep infections from getting worse in Asia), Moleskin (for trekking; in case of blisters).Thermometer, Acetazolamide (for altitude illness if trekking on high mountains)

Photo: (all optional) Digital SLR camera and camera kit with 25mm lens, flash, batteries. Extra lenses, U/V, Sun, other filters, tripod, beanbag. Mini binoculars

Electronics: (all optional) IPod, MP3 player, shortwave radio, antenna, calculator, mobile phone, all adaptors, telephone extension cord (more for business travel --- sometimes it’s great to have a nice long phone cord in the hotel room), AC adaptors, extension cord, etc. Mosquito zapper & tablets (Like an “electric” mosquito coil; buy it in any Asian department store, it really works)

Hiking/Trekking gear: (all optional) Hiking boots with oil & extra laces (for serious trekking only!), parka, 2-4 prs heavy wool socks and an altimeter "


The_girlfriend_he_never_mentions said...

Ben's actual packing:
Rasor, a tiny tube of shaving gel, Toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant (maybe), Mosquito repellent wipes (with DEET), some clean underwear, two clean t-shirts, a pair of trousers, a book, his camera and MP3 player and all the cables and chargers that go with them.

I don't think I have forgotten anything.

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