Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Vang Vieng (Part 2)

The tubing was a laugh, very relaxing and beautiful scenery. Whole thing costs US$3.5 plus one dollar extra if you want a dry bag for camera and money. Most of the bars along the river have swings, zip lines and jumping areas to hurl yourself off. All obviously sell Beer Lao and some offer free Lao Lao (very dangerouus). Whole trip actually took more like 4.5 to5 hours with all the stop. Great fun though as long as you don't get to drunk and burn to a cinder.

In the eveningwent fora pizza with Alan and Olivia who I met floating by. Had pizza fordinner (well it is VV after all) Can't remember the place but one of the roads off Pizza Street, hence they were edible. About 25,000 kip for a Calzone.

Was fairly knackered and went to bed aout 22:00.

Got up erly again and had more noodle soup. I have had enough of eggs andbaguttes now. Took a Green Ecotours trip (at main intersection on Pizza Street) for US$15. There all much about the same price anyway.

The trip was basically 09:30 - 17.00. About 60 percent of it Kayaking, 30 percent trekking and going through two caves and 10 percent transport. Its well worth it though and you even get to stop at the Organic Mulberry Tea Farm, although they appeared to be out of Mulberry Shakes but had all the others, odd for a place thats sole raison d'etre is Mulberry production.

Just had a shower and a Beer Lao at Sunset Bar (straight on over the bamboo bridge). I find it more relaxed than the Island Bar.

Will find somewhere that sells Laos food tonight, not as easy as youwould imagine here.

Bus to Louang Prabang tommorow US$7.5 and departs 09:30 and takes 6- 6.50 hours.


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marc said...

hi mate. sounds like your having a blast. house stinks less of basil piss (and cats long gone)now that you have two empty rooms plastered up and with new floor (wood at mo)
could you wire me some money for materials about 3 grand should do coz i,ve decieded to go for more of a show house look.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx