Friday, December 02, 2005

Louang Prabang

The day started of at the bus station on the old airstrip. Bought a ticket from the station for the VIP bus to Louang Prabang. Big coach type bus so plenty of legroom. Cost $7. Better than the minibus I reckon and takes about 1 hour longer. Left at 10:30. It is the only bus I have been on where the driver was crippled and appeared to be paralysed donw his left hand side. Oh well!

Stopped several time for toulet and sick stops and for lunch. We had chickens under our table. vian Flu eat your heart out.

Arrived at bus staion about 3km outside town. Tul Tuk into town 5,000 kip per person (they want 10,000 but take 5,000 without much hassle.

Drops of by post office on main drag. Checked into Heritage House in centre on old city and paid ten dollars for location more than anything else. It is quaint with little green shuttered windows.

Was just about to take a wander and met Phil who I bumped into in Nong Khai. We went to a barbecue place on the mekong with some of his friends from Vang Vieng.

The barbecue was great buffalo, beef and pork that you gook yourself over charcoal on your table on a grill surrounded by a moat that you fill with garlic flavoued stock and cook your vegetable s, noodles, eggs etc in. Whole thing for two 25,000 kip recommended.

Had a couple of beers and decidedto go to a local lao disco miles out of town. My oh my what a ball. The musidwas a sort of Thai technopop and everyone looked about 10 years old but boy was it rocking. Unfortunately it closed at 11.30 because of National Day today. Back home and tucked upby 12:00.

Going to take a walk around Louang Prabang today.


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ggeno555 said...

What a great place to retire to. I am looking forward to getting my home built on the Mekong river. I just bought 500 sq meters of river front land in Luang Prabang. I intend to build a wooden style house, none of that brick and stucco for me. After years of doing the rat race in California, Berkely area. I can't wait to get back there. Believe me It is hard to find land there now, so many foreiners are buying up the place it's scarey.